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Real and Imagined Readers: Censorship, Publishing and Reading under Apartheid

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Voices of Resilience: A Living History of the Kenneth Gardens Municipal Housing Estate in Durban

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AGSA 2011 - ANFASA Grant Scheme for Authors

ANFASA, the Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa, announces the fifth round of the grant scheme to benefit authors of academic, educational and general non-fiction works.

If you are an author of general non-fiction, educational or academic work and currently involved in a writing project or will be within the next 12 months, and finding time to focus on your project is an issue, or you are running short of funds to complete the needed research for the project, the ANFASA Grant Scheme for Authors is here for you.

There are only two criteria for eligibility: membership of ANFASA and the desire to complete the writing of a general non-fiction, educational or academic work for publication in book or journal form.

Go onto to download a form or for more information on the grant scheme or send an email to the ANFASA office The closing date for submitting applications is the 30th September 2011 and the successful applications will be announced in December 2011.


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