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Of Motherhood and Melancholia: Notebook of a Psycho-ethnographer


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Botswana Women Write

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Wilder Lives: Humans and our Environments
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Price: R 285
Publication Date: 2019-02-18
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978 1 86914 421 0
Width: 140
Height: 220
Pages: 232

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The Witness, 29 July 2019
‘Rewilding’ the environment
How do we live in our environments is a question Duncan Brown explores in his book Wilder Lives: Humans and our environments. He speaks to Yves Vanderhaeghen.
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Wilder Lives uses ideas of ‘wildness’ and ‘rewilding’ to rethink human relationships with our environments in challenging but affirming ways. If the Earth is indeed 4.5 billion years old, as scientists currently tell us, recognisably human life has only been around since the last Ice Age, and as a species we have single-handedly destroyed our planet’s ecosystems in the short space of a few hundred years, then we urgently need to reconsider and redefine our identities and behaviours.


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